Changing ideals and creating opportunities

                                              for the youth and community


Conflict Resolutions & Decision Making

This program is about teaching effective ways to resolve disputes without resorting to violent behaviors whether it be a verbal or physical altercation. Daily our young people are involved in situations of conflict that they cannot manage – jealousy, teasing/bullying and outright aggression that often lead to legal ramifications. Effective problem solving skills are also at the core of being successful.


The Conflict Resolution Program provides problem solving skills that allow our youth to navigate situations of adversity that arise in everyday life. Our comprehensive approach to problem solving, teaches effective listening and communication skills, and critical creative thinking with an emphasis on personal responsibility and self discipline.


Program topics will include:


  • Seek to understand first before being understood
  • Listen before you speak: “Two ears and One mouth”
  • Creating the “Win-Win Scenario”
  • Negotiations 101
  • Leaving pride aside
  • Visiting a correctional facility

Goal of the program:  


To create critical thinkers and effective problem solvers in situations of adversity.



Program outcomes:


  • Eliminate acts of violence in School
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce acts of bullying
  • Create conflict resolution managers